Crossrail Compliant Transport Services

Crossrail contracts contain mandatory requirement for lorries working on the project to be fitted with sensors and other safety equipment to alert drivers of cyclists.

JWD Enterprises meets Crossrail’s contractor requirements that mandate that all Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) working on the project are fitted with safety devices including blind spot proximity sensors, side under-run guards and warning alerts for cyclists.


As intensive construction for Crossrail gets underway, any HGVs not meeting Crossrail's strict standards are being turned away from worksites with the contractor liable for any costs incurred. This applies to HGVs operated directly by a contractor or on their behalf by a haulier.


As Crossrail requires JWD Enterprises HGV's are now fitted with:-

Fresnel lenses, side scan equipment which results in an audible beep in the drivers cab when a cyclist is on the left inside space.

Under-run guards are also required to prevent cyclists from coming into contact with lorry wheels.

Many of our drivers have now completed the Crossrail Lorry Driver Induction Training programme which has been developed in consultation with cycling and road safety campaign groups and the construction industry.

Our vehicles also carry signs to warn cyclists and pedestrians.

A number of lorries have been turned away from Crossrail sites for non-compliance.

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